The Earth And The Sky

Mumkin Hai Ke Tu Jis Ko Samajhta Hai Baharan
Auron Ki Nighahonmein Woh Mousam Ho Khazan Ka

Perhaps the part of year that Spring you deem,
In othersʹ view destructive Autumn it may seem!

Hai Silsila Ahwal Ka Har Lehza Dirgargoon
Ae Salik-e-Reh, Fikar Na Kar Sood-o-Zayan Ka

The worldly affairs one pattern donʹt retain,
So pilgrim wise, think not of loss and gain!

Shaid Ke Zameen Hai Ye Kisi Aur Jahan Ki
Tu Jis Ko Samajhta Hai Falak Apne Jahan Ka!

The thing you take for sky of earthly tract,
Perhaps is soil of some other world in fact!

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