Musalman Ka Zawal

Musalman Ka Zawal

Musalman Ka Zawal

Musalman Ka Zawal
The Decline Of The Muslims

Agarcha Zar Bhi Jahan Mein Hai Qazi-Ul-Hajat
Jo Faqar Se Hai Mayassar, Toungari Se Nahin

Though wealth and gold provide the worldly needs of man
But what faqr can bestow no wealth or gold eʹer can.

Agar Jawan Hon Meri Qoum Ke Jasoor-o-Ghayyoor
Qalandari Meri Kuch Kam Sikandari Se Nahin

If youth of nation mine were jealous of their creed,
My qalandarʹs state wonʹt mind Alexanderʹs might indeed.

Sabab Kuch Aur Hai, Tu Jis Ko Khud Samajhta Hai
Zawal Banda-e-Momin Ka Be-Zarri Se Nahi

With ease you can divine to some thing else is due:
Penury can not cause decline of Muslims True.

Agar Jahan Mein Jouhar Aashkara Huwa
Qalandari Se Huwa Hai, Toungari Se Nahin

Wealth has played no part to bring my worth to light
My faqr this spell has cast, the share of wealth is slight.

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