Mitta Diya Mere Saqi Ne Alam-E-Mann-o-Tu

Mitta Diya Mere Saqi Ne Alam-E-Mann-o-Tu

Mitta Diya Mere Saqi Ne Alam-E-Mann-o-Tu
Pila Ke Mujh Ko Mai-e-‘La ILLAHA ILLAH HOO’

My Saki made me drink the wine of ‘There is no god but He’:
From the illusive world of sense, This cup divine has set me free.

Na Mai, Na Shair, Na Saqi, Na Shor-E-Ching-o-Rabab
Sakoot-e-Koh-o-Lab-e-Jooy-e-Lala’ay Khudroo !

Now I find no charm or grace In song and ale, or harp and lute:
To me appeal the tulips wild, The riverside and mountains mute.

Gada’ay May Kudah Ki Shan-e-Be-Niazi Dekh
Pohanch Ke Chashma’ay Hiwan Pe Torhta Hai Saboo !

Look at the highness/power of Independence by a Tavern’s astute (Fakir)
As He breaks his flagon after reaching at Fountain of Life (Water of Life)

Mera Saboocha Ghanimat Hai Iss Zamane Mein
Ke Khanqah Mein Khali Hain Sufiyon Ke Kadoo

My flagon small is blessing great, For the age athirst and dry:
In the cells where mystics swell big empty gourds are lying by.

Mein No Niaz Hun, Mujh Se Hijab Hi Aola
Ke Dil Se Barh Ke Hai Meri Nigah Be Qaboo

In love a novice I am yet, Much good for you to keep apart,
For my glance is restive more than my wild and untam’d heart.

Agarcha Behar Ki Moujon Mein Hai Maqam Uss Ka
Safa’ay Paki Tiniat Se Hai Guhar Ka Wazoo

The dark unfathomed caves of sea, Hold gems of purest ray serene:
The gems retain in midst of brine their essence bright and clean.

Jameel Tar Hain Gul-o-Lala Faiz Se Uss Ke
Nigah-e-Shayar-e-Rangeen Nawa Mein Hai Jadoo

Through the poet’s quickening gaze the rose and tulip lovelier seem:
No doubt, the minstrel’s piercing glance is nothing less than magic gleam.

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