Jaan-o-Tan (Soul And Body)


Aqal Muddat Se Hai Iss Pechaak Mein Uljhi Huwi
Rooh Kis Johar Se, Khaak-e-Teerah Kis Johar Se Hai

Since times antique the mind of man in complex problems is involved:
What is the source of clay‐born man and how the soul has been evolved?

Meri Mushkil, Masti-o-Shor-o-Suroor-o-Dard-o-Dagh
Teri Mushkil, Mai Se Hai Saghir Ke Mai-e-Saghir Se Hai

Pain, anguish, glee and rapture sweet are spiritual states that man must face:
What is of much worth, cup or wine, Is knotty point you wish to trace?

Irtabat-e-Harf-o-Maani, Ikhtalaat-e-Jaan-o-Tan
Jis Tarah Akhgar Qaba Posh Apni Khakstar Se Hai!

What binds the words and their import,What links the body and the soul?
It wears the cloak of its own ash just like the burnt refuse of coal.

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