Dozakhi Ki Munajat

Dozakhi Ki Munajat - Allama Iqbal

Litany Of The Damned Allama Iqbal

Douzakhi Ki Munajaat


Iss Dair-e-Kuhan Mein Hain Gharzmand Poojari
Ranjeeda Button Se Hon To Karte Hain Khuda Yaad

Itching palms, in the old temple of Earth, have the kneelers,
Men who remember their God only when idols are deaf.

Pooja Bhi hai Be-sood, Namazain bhi hain Be-sood
Qismat Hai Gharibon Ki Wohi Nala-o-Faryad

Vain are the Hindu’s rites and vain the Mohammedan’s worship;
Wailing and gnashing of teeth still are the lot of the poor

Hain Garcha Bulandi Mein Amaraat Falak Bous
Har Sheher Haqiqat Mein Hai Weerana’ay Abad

None of earth’s cities in truth is more than a populous desert,
High though their buildings soar, kissing the sky with their roofs.

Teeshe Ki Koi Gardish-e-Taqdeer Tou Dekhe
Sirab Hai Pervaiz, Jigar-e-Tashna Hai Farhad

Axe in hand Farhad toils on;—Fate’s irony witness!
Slek and content is Parvez, parching with drought in Farhad.

Ye Ilm, Ye Hikmat, Ye Siasat, Ye Tijarat
Jo Kuch Hai, Woh Hai Fikar-e-Mulookana Ki Ijaad

All that there is in that world its rulers’ brains have engendered:
Science and learning are theirs, commerce and practice of State;

Allah ! Tera Shukar Ke Ye Khitta-e-Pursouz
Soudagar-e-Yourap Ki Ghulami Se Hai Azad !

Free of enslavement, Allah be thanked, to the huckster of Europe,
Free is this country of ours, scorched in the furnace of Hell.

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