Awaz-e-Ghaib | A Voice From Beyond

Part – 1


Ati Hai Dam-E-Subah Sadda Arsh-E-Bareen Se
Khoya Gya Kis Tarah Tera Johar-E-Idraak !

From the Emperium enquires a voice at dawn: how did
You lose your essential quality of enquiry and understanding?

Kis Tarah Huwa Kund Tera Nashtar-E-Tehqeeq
Hote Nahin Kyun Tujh Se Sitaron Ke Jagar Chaak

How was blunted your scalpel of research?
Why do you not rend open the hearts of stars?

Tu Zahir-O-Batin Ki Khilafat Ka Sazawaar
Kya Shaola Bhi Hota Hai Ghulam-E-Khs-O-Khashaak

You deserve to dominate and rule over all that is visible as well as esoteric.
Can a flame be the slave of dry sticks and grass?

Mehar-O-Mah-O-Anjum Nahin Mehkoom Tere Kyun
Kyun Teri Nigahon Se Larazte Nahin Aflaak

Why are the sun, moon and stars not under your suzerainty?
Why don’t heavens shudder with a mere glance from you?


Part – 2

Awaz-e-Ghaib (Armaghan-e-Hijaz-08)

Ab Tak Hai Rawan Gharcha Lahoo Teri Raagon Mein
Ne Garmi-E-Afkaar, Na Andaish-e-Bebaak

True! Even to‐day blood courses through your veins, but
Your thoughts do not inspire nor is your thinking fearless.

Roshan To Woh Hoti Hai, Jahan Been Nahin Hoti
Jis Ankh Ke Pardon Mein Nahin Hai Nigah-E-Pak

An eye which in its vision does not imbibe pure virtue
Is capable of seeing, no doubt, but is not all‐seeing.

Baqi Na Rahi Teri Woh Aaeena Zameeri
Ae Kushta-e-Sultani-O-Mullai-O-Peeri!

Not a bit remains in you of your clear reflection of conscience!
Alas! O you victim of imperialism, of mullah‐ism and mysticism!

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