Agar Kaj Ro Hain Anjum

Agar Kaj Ro Hain Anjum, Asman Tera Hai Ya Mera
Mujhe Fikar-e-Jahan Kyun Ho, Jahan Tera Hai Ya Mera?

If the stars have strayed, To whom do the heavens belong, You or Me?
Why must I worry about the world, To whom does this world belong, You or Me?

Agar Hangama Ha’ay Shauq Se Hai La-Makan Khali
Khata Kis Ki Hai Ya Rab ! La-Makan Tera Hai Ya Mera?

If the Placeless Realm Offers no lively scenes of passion and longing,
Whose fault is that, my Lord? Does that realm belong to You or to me?

Usse Subah-e-Azal Inkaar Ki Juraat Hui Kyun Kar
Mujhe Maloom Kya, Woh Raazdan Tera Hai Ya Mera?

On the morning of eternity he dared to say ʹNoʹ,
But how would I know why, Is he Your confidant, or is he mine?

Muhammad (S.A.W.) Bhi Tera, Jibreel Bhi, Quran Bhi Tera
Magar Ye Harf-e-Shireen Tarjuman Tera Hai Ya Mera?

Muhammad (PBUH) is Yours, Gabriel is Yours, The Qurʹan is Yours,
But this discourse, This exposition in melodious tunes, Is it Yours or is it mine?

Issi Koukab Ki Tabani Se Hai Tera Jahan Roshan
Zawal-e-Adam-e-Khaki Zayan Tera Hai Ya Mera?

Your world is illuminated by the radiance of the same star
Whose loss was the fall of Adam, that creature of earth, Was it Yours or mine?

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