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Alam Barzakh (Armaghan-e-Hijaz) – Iqbal

Alam Barzakh – The State of Barzakh

Part – 1

alam barzakh

Murda Apni Qabar Se


Kya Shay Hai, Kis Amroz Ka Farda Hai Qayamat
Ae Mere Shabistan-E-Kuhan ! Kya Hai Qayamat?

What is it, this Resurrection Day? Of what present is it the future?
0 my ancient sleeping‐chamber, What is Resurrection Day?


Ae Murda’ay Sad Sala ! Tujhe Kya Nahin Maloom?
Har Mout Ka Poshida Taqaza Hai Qayamat !

O corpse of a hundred years, don’t you know
That every death implies a call for resurrection?

Alam Barzakh – The State of Barzakh

Part – 2

Murda Poetry of Allama Iqbal


Jis Mout Ka Poshida Taqaza Hai Qayamat
Uss Mout Ke Phande Mein Giraftar Nahin Main

A death that implies resurrection
Such a death does not entrap me!

Har Chand Ke Hun Murda’ay Sad Sala Walekin
Zulmat Kudda’ay Khak Se Bezaar Nahin Main

It is true that I have been dead for a hundred years,
But I am not tired of this dark chamber in the earth.

Ho Rooh Phir Ek Bar Sawar-e-Badan-e-Zaar
Aesi Hai Qayamat To Kharidar Nahin Main

The soul should once again ride the poor body
If this is resurrection, then I am not a taker!

Alam Barzakh – The State of Barzakh

Part – 3

sada e ghaib poetry of allama iqbal

Sada’ay Ghaib


Ne Naseeb-e-Maar Wa Kuzdum, Ne Naseeb-e-Dawam Wa Dad
Hai Faqat Mehkoom Qoumon Ke Liye Marg-e-Abad

Death is not for snakes and scorpions, Or for birds and beasts of prey,
Eternal death is the lot of slave nations alone.

Bang-e-Israfeel Un Ko Zinda Kar Sakti Nahin
Rooh Se Tha Zindagi Mein Bhi Tehi Jin Ka Jasad

Even Israfil’s trumpet cannot bring back to life those
Whose bodies, when they lived, had no souls.

Mar Ke Ji Uthna Faqat Azad Mardon Ka Hai Kaam
Garcha Har Zee Rooh Ki Manzil Hai Aagosh-E-Lehad

To spring back to life after death ‐only the free can do that,
Even though all living beings are headed into the arms of the grave.

Ijtihaad (Zarb-e-Kaleem-12)

Alam Barzakh – The State of Barzakh

Part – 4

qabar apny murdy se

Qabar (Apne Murde Se)


Ah Zalim! Tu Jahan Mein Banda’ay Mehkoom Tha
Main Na Samjhi Thi Ke Hai Kyun Khak Meri Souz Naak

You vicious creature! In the world you were a slave!
I had failed to understand why my soil was as hot as fire!

Teri Mayyat Se Meri Tareekiyan Tareek Tar
Teri Mayyat Se Zameen Ka Parda’ay Namoos Chaak

Your corpse makes my darkness even darker.
It rips the earth’s veil of honour

Alhazar, Mehkoom Ki Mayyat Se Sou Bar Alhazar
Ae Sarafeel ! Ae Khuda’ay Kainat ! Ae Jaan-E-Pak

Beware, beware a hundred times of a slave’s corpse!
O Israfil! O Lord of the universe! O soul that is chaste and pure!

Alam Barzakh – The State of Barzakh

Part – 5

sada e ghaib poetry of allama iqbal

Sada’ay Ghaib


Garcha Barham Hai Qayamat Se Nizam-E-Hast-O-Bood
Hain Issi Aashob Se Beparda Asrar-E-Wajood

Resurrection upsets the order of the universe,
But it is this commotions that reveals the secrets of existence.

Zalzale Se Koh-O-Dar Urtte Hain Manind-E-Sihab
Zalzale Se Wadiyon Mein Taza Chashmon Ki Namood

An earthquake makes mountains fly like clouds,
But it also starts new springs flowing in the valleys.

Har Nayi Tameer Ko Lazim Hai Takhreeb-E-Tamam
Hai Issi Mein Mushkilat-E-Zindagani Ki Kushood

Total destruction must come before any re-creation,
For in this way the problems of existence are resolved.

Alam Barzakh – The State of Barzakh

Part – 6




Ah Ye Marg-E-Dawam, Ah Ye Razm-E-Hayat
Khatam Bhi Ho Gi Kabhi Kashmakash-E-Kainat !

Oh, this eternal death! Oh, this struggle that marks life!
Will this conflict in the world ever end?

Aqal Ko Milti Nahin Apne Button Se Nijaat
Arif-O-Aami Tamam Band’ay Laat-O-Manaat

Reason cannot free itself from its idols;
The commoners and the elite‐all are slaves to Lat and Manat.

Khuwaar Huwa Kis Qadar Adam-E-Yazdaan Sifaat
Qalb-O-Nazar Par Garan Aese Jahan Ka Sibaat

How abject Adam‐ the man with divine attributes ‐has now become!
That such a world should continue to exist, Is more than heart and eye can bear.

Kyun Nahin Hoti Sehar Hazrat-E-Insan Ki Raat?
Why does man’s night not turn into dawn?

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